lastlegAre donations to Great March for Climate Action tax deductible?
Yes! All donations are tax deductible. IRS # 46-2241822

What options do I have to make a donation?
Donations and marcher application fees can be paid via mail, PayPal, Dwolla, or by calling us with your card information. Check below for details:


Mail a check payable to:
Great March for Climate Action
735 19th St #1
Des Moines, IA 50314


  • Call 530-5-ACTION (530-522-8466) with your credit or debit card donation.


  • About Dwolla: Dwolla is a Des Moines-based payment company with much lower transaction fees. More of your donation will be applied directly to the March with a gift through Dwolla!
  • Our Dwolla ID is 812-740-3532
  • Dwolla does not give us your contact information, so if you would like to receive our weekly updates and a thank you letter for tax purposes, please list that information under “Details,” or email us at
  • Click here to donate through Dwolla


    • To enter any amount via PayPal, click “Donate”:
* To specify a marcher name or a cause, such as Adoption:
   – When Reviewing Donation and before submitting Donate Now, click
       +Add special instructions to the seller:
   – A text box will open to enter your comments.
* To make a donation without creating a PayPal account:
    – After clicking the Donate button and entering amount, click the word Continue under the question Don’t have a PayPal account? on the left side of the screen.


  • Donate to a support a specific marcher through Crowdrise!
  • About Crowdrise: Crowdrise provides each individual marcher a way to fundraise with their own personal profile, all linked to the Great March for Climate Action site. This is also an excellent way to meet our marchers.
  • Click here to donate through Crowdrise

All donations are tax deductible. IRS # 46-2241822