6 Months From March Kickoff

August 31, 2013
For Immediate Release

Six months from now 1,000 people will set out from Los Angeles to walk 2,980 miles across America to Washington, DC, on the Great March for Climate Action. The march will inspire and motivate average people to pressure political and business leaders to act now to address the climate crisis. The GMCA will be the largest coast-to-coast march in U.S. history.

As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom we are reminded that all movements must reach a moment of critical mass, when the call for change becomes powerful enough to shift public policy. We believe the size and scope of the Great March for Climate Action will be a vital next step.

The March will start in Los Angeles on March 1, 2014, reach Phoenix in early April, Denver in early June, Omaha in late July, Chicago in early September, Pittsburgh in October and Washington DC on November 1.

Marchers will walk 14-15 miles per day and camp in a mobile green village which will demonstrate sustainable technologies to feed and provide support services for the marchers.

The Founder and Director of the Great March for Climate Action, Ed Fallon, a talk show host and former Iowa state lawmaker says, “Climate change is not the prevailing issue confronting our society – it is the prevailing crisis!”

“The diversity of individuals who have signed-up to march is impressive,” reports Marcher Director, Zach Heffernen. “They range in age from 9 – 82 and originate from 19 States with more coming in every day.”

While the march will be significant news when it kicks-off on March, 1st in Los Angeles next year, the story of the organizing the march and those participating is a great feature piece in itself on the evolution of the climate change movement. We can help you localize your reporting with interviews of individual marchers from your community who have committed to spending 8 months of their lives walking from one ocean to the other.

The Great March for Climate Action follows in the footsteps of The Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament which completed a similar cross country trek in 1986.

Photos and Video from that march are available to help illustrate the story of the GMCA, taking on another seemingly insurmountable challenge 28 years later.