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Here’s the team that worked on the 2014 March. Current staff are Ed Fallon, Shari Hrdina and Forrest Determann.

Chris Ververis

Colorado State Coordinator Boulder, CO
Work Phone: (530) 3-CHANGE Work Phone: (530) 324-2643
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Chris graduated from Vanderbilt University with a dual degree in psychology and philosophy. Since graduation, he spent a few years working as an outdoor guide before moving to Colorado where he became much more involved in environmental activism. When not working for climate action, you’ll find Chris out Latin dancing, rock climbing, hiking , camping, or just sitting quietly on a meditation cushion. Chris is also on a board member at Boulder Flood Relief, a grassroots organization helping those impacted from the September 2013 floods in Colorado. In the fall of 2014, Chris will be starting a master’s program in public policy focusing on climate change through environment/energy policy.

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