March Against Detaining Asylum-seeking Families

[Pascha Morgan, left, with members of American Legion Post 62 in Salina, Kansas, during his walk from Iowa to Texas for immigrant rights.]

Two years ago, Pascha Morgan walked 1200 miles from Des Moines, Iowa to the Texas/Mexico border — a solo journey he dubbed the March Against Detaining Asylum-seeking Families (or MAD-AF). He writes that the purpose of his walk was “to put words like compassion, empathy, and human dignity into action. Love of others can make you MAD AF.”

Here’s a story about Pascha’s march during his trek through Salina, Kansas.

The climate emergency also motivates Pascha in his work, and he has been very active in Des Moines’ Movement for Equality and Equity. The intersectionality between equality, equity, and climate is infused in all aspects of his work. Most recently, he was a panelist responding to the Climate March’s screening of The Race to Save the World.