The goal of the Great March for Climate Action is to change the heart and mind of the American people, our elected leaders and people across the world to act now to address the climate crisis.


On March 1, 2014, dozens of climate patriots set out from Los Angeles, CA, walking 3,000 miles across America to Washington, DC, inspiring action to resolve the climate crisis. This was one of the largest coast-to-coast marches in American history.

Marchers were expected to adhere to a strict code of non-violence according to the principles employed by Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi. An addendum that explains this in greater detail was provided. Also, we provided mandatory non-violence training at the start of the March.

We governed the March through a “city council” of marchers elected by marchers. At times, we employed a “town meeting” style of governance involving the entire marcher community, with a simple majority vote to make a decision.

The March seeks to build the broadest possible public consensus and is focused strictly on the climate crisis. Marchers do, of course, have their own personal stories and perspectives. However, it is important that we stick to the core message, in unison, with our words, signs and public presentations.