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Hannah Bacon on the last leg of her march!

The Hardest Part (from today’s POV) The Hardest Part (from today’s POV) Hannah Bacon writes on June 2, 2021: Hey friends! It’s been a while… thanks for hanging in there with me! I am two weeks from the finish, and realize I haven’t posted in two months! My lack of posting is partly because I am in a time warp (truly shocked so much time has passed) and partly because I’ve had some serious writer’s block. Today, two months and 1,000 miles since my last post, Continue reading →

2021 Walk for Our Grandchildren

2021 WALK FOR OUR GRANDCHILDREN In 2013, a multi-generational group of climate activists walked from Camp David, Maryland, to Washington, DC. Their goal: to tell President Obama and other policy makers that we must keep the majority of fossil fuels in the ground. Now, in 2021, elders and youth are walking once again to demand climate action from President Biden. Biden has promised bold actions to address climate change, yet his current proposals are still inadequate to address the climate emergency. The 2021 Walk for Continue reading →