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Lee Camp’s Moment of Clarity

Ed Fallon joins Lee Camp’s program on April 29, 2021, to discuss The Race to Save the World, the Great March for Climate Action, and various matters of political and planetary importance — including Andrew Yang’s secret love for the Bold Iowa Climate Penguins.

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Dear Friends, CHECK OUT THIS WEEK’S PODCAST! In a rational, high-functioning country, it wouldn’t take a film like The Race to Save the World  to mobilize people to fight climate change. Sadly, since we have some work to do on that front, perhaps this latest film by award-winning producer, Joe Gantz, might do the trick. Joe’s other films include American Winter (about poverty in the US), Ending Disease (about stem-cell research), and Taxi Cab Confessions (title says all). Joe’s work is outstanding. It’s also cutting-edge, tackling Continue reading →