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Former Iowa Lawmaker Organizing Largest March in US History

On Friday, March 1 in Des Moines, former Iowa lawmaker Ed Fallon announced the start of a campaign to build greater momentum for action on climate change. The Great March for Climate Action is now in the early stages of recruiting 1,000 people to walk across America, leaving the West Coast on March 1, 2014 and arriving in Washington, DC the weekend before the mid-term elections. This will be the largest coast-to-coast march in US history.

“Assembling a march of this size is mind-boggling,” said Fallon, “My background in politics and grassroots organizing have prepared me to initiate an undertaking of this scale, but it will involve a veritable army of volunteers, supporters, and donors. Just in these first few days, I’m very encouraged to hear from people across the country telling me they are thrilled and eager to help.”

Much of the basic structure – tax status, website, Facebook page, etc. – will be in place by the end of the week, indicated Fallon. The focus then will shift to fundraising, setting up an office in Des Moines, and getting the word out across the country with a goal of recruiting at least one marcher from every state.

“With the very survival of so many species – including our own – hanging in the balance, we need to mobilize now,” continued Fallon. “Marching over 3,000 miles will involve discomfort and sacrifice. But any sacrifice we make to avert the worst consequences of climate change are insignificant compared to the suffering so many people across the planet will experience as things continue to heat up.”

Fallon praised other climate leaders, like Bill McKibben, James Hansen and Iowa State Sen. Rob Hogg, for their work on this issue. “We have great leaders and organizations (like the Sierra Club, PSR and doing yeoman’s work,” concluded Fallon. “More of us need to jump on board. I’m willing to take 6 million steps across America in this battle, and I’m confident there are 1,000 other climate patriots who are willing to make this commitment – to go the extra mile, so to speak – to keep our planet livable for us, for others, and for future generations.”

Fallon served in the Iowa House for 14 years before running unsuccessfully for Governor in 2006 and Congress in 2008. In 1992, he beat a ten-year incumbent, and twice was outspent 2-1 by opponents. In his campaigns for Governor and Congress, Fallon raised nearly $500,000 in each race. In 1986, Fallon coordinated logistics for the Iowa segment of the Great Peace March. For the past 3 1/2 years, he has hosted “The Fallon Forum,” a political and public-affairs talk show that airs five days a week, both online and on a local radio station.