A New Beginning

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Often, when a new year rolls around, people take it as an opportunity to start fresh, to change the path they are on. The Great March for Climate Action is taking this very literally. Santa Monica was originally going to be our starting point, but after some solid scouting work by our California State Coordinator, Ki Coulson, the Climate March will now kickoff in Wilmington, California.

The change to Wilmington (which is a part of the greater Los Angeles area) will help shed some light on a potential environmental hazard in Los Angeles that impacts the entire world. The park in Wilmington where we want to kick things off is back-dropped by massive oil refineries. These refineries are hoping to go from refining 25,000 barrels of tar sands oil a year to 60,000 barrels A DAY without public comment.

The Climate March and our L.A. partners, SoCal Climate Action Coalition 350, feel that having our joint rally near these refineries will help the public understand the potential disaster that increased production could do. There is so much danger with tar-sands oil, from fracking to potential spills and the carbon both the production and product will put out, that this seems to be the ideal place to begin our fight.

– The Climate March also received some great press right before the holiday. Terrell Johnson of Weather.com, the online home of The Weather Channel, profiled March Director Ed Fallon and the March. The article discussed Ed’s time with the Great Peace March, his inspiration for the Climate March and what he hopes the March will accomplish. Check out the article here and be sure to leave a comment of support and share it on your own Facebook or Twitter.

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