A Wonderful November

November has been a busy and terrific month for the Great March for Climate Action. As we ramp up our efforts towards March 1, we have received several bits of exciting news over the past few weeks and past few days even.

Ki Coulson - The Climate March's State Coordinator for California

Ki Coulson – The Climate March’s State Coordinator for California

– This month, we hired our first State Coordinator, Ki Coulson. Ki is from Los Angeles and has worked for years with various sustainability non-profits and has an amazing work ethic regarding environmental causes. Ki has been working diligently in Los Angeles to spread the word of the Climate March, as well as making sure our trip through the Golden State goes smoothly. Ki has been using her vast network to reach out to potential endorsers, marchers and donors. She has also helped facilitate a working relationship with So Cal Climate Action Coalition 350. Through this partnership, the Climate March kickoff event will be a part of a larger, annual event collaborating with So Cal Climate Action Coalition 350. Ki’s work in just the last couple of weeks has elevated the Climate March to new heights.

– This week has already been a good one for new marchers. As of this writing we have a dozen new registered marchers just in the past three days. These marchers have diverse backgrounds and experiences, with ages ranging from 6 to 86. The marchers are also spread out across the map, from Florida to California and even a mother and son from Ecuador!

– Joe Henry, a Des Moines real estate agent, has donated the use of his moving truck for the duration of the March. He’s also paying for the fuel for that truck. We’ve also received a donation of a parabolic solar cooker from the folks at Cantina West.

November has been a great month so far. With March 1 approaching quickly, we will continue to build our network of support for the Climate March. Thanks to all of you for what you’ve done to get us this far, and know that we’ll continue to need your assistance as we move forward.