Meet Our Marchers On Giving Tuesday


Giving Tuesday is a fairly new tradition, but one that has gained a lot of momentum and popularity over the last couple of years. The idea is that after all of the consumer spending of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, people take the time to give to non-profits, charities and other organizations that use their efforts and resources to make lives better and make the planet brighter. Even a small donation can make things easier for a lot of tremendous organizations.

Those of us at the Great March for Climate Action hope that if you take part in Giving Tuesday, you consider making a donation to the Climate March. The best way to do that is to head to our Crowdrise page and Meet Our Marchers.

The people taking part in next year’s Climate March are giving up their familiar comforts and their regular lives to walk across the country to bring awareness to the biggest crisis humanity faces. They are also some of the most caring and interesting people I have ever come across. Each of the full-time and several of the part-time marchers have set up a personal fundraising page on Crowdrise, so you can see who is marching and learn more about why they are taking part in such a journey. In addition to giving to the Great March for Climate Action as a whole, we encourage people to check out these profiles and donate to their respective pages.

Making a donation to one or more marchers is the easiest way to help support the Great March for Climate Action. Consider a donation of $250, $100, $25, $5, or whatever you can afford. These contributions go towards making sure their eight months as road-weary climate patriots are as easy as possible. The Great March for Climate Action is also a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so all donations are tax deductible.

Thanks and Happy Giving Tuesday.