2018 First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March

Saturday, Sept. 1st to Saturday, Sept. 8th Landowners who had their property taken by force for the Dakota Access Pipeline have joined with the Iowa Sierra Club in a lawsuit against the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB). They allege that the IUB illegally allowed Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) to use eminent domain to build the Dakota Access Pipeline. Their case is strong and has potentially historic significance. To raise awareness of the importance of this lawsuit, Bold Iowa is organizing an eight-day, 90-mile march. Marchers will Continue reading →

“Sabotage” bill a Trojan Horse for eminent domain abuse

“Sabotage” bill a Trojan Horse for eminent domain abuse [by Ed Fallon] About twenty years ago, growth-management advocates across the US were shocked when the Tennessee General Assembly enacted one of the nation’s strongest anti-urban sprawl bills. At the time, I was working on similar legislation in Iowa, so I traveled to Nashville to learn more. Sitting in the office of a state lawmaker who helped champion the bill, I asked, “How did you make this happen?” “Mah friend,” drawled the lawmaker as he drew Continue reading →

Meeting with White House Officials

On January 28th, a delegation of Climate Marchers will meet with key White House officials, specifically Dan Utech, Special Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change, and Rohan Patel, Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs. We are excited to be able to share the Climate March story – and the stories of the people we met along the way on the front lines of the climate crisis – with two people who have the President’s ear on climate Continue reading →

Silent Winter Hike (NY)

Climate Marcher Charles “Greenrider” Chandler departs December 31 on a 22-day, 220-mile Silent Winter Hike through the Finger Lakes Region of New York to raise funds for We Are Seneca Lake. His pilgrimage includes a pledge of silence, and he has created a GoFundMe page. Let’s help him and the Seneca Lake activists out!

Miriam Kashia’s Outreach

“I am currently working to raise awareness and garner opposition and comments to the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) and the Army Corps of Engineers (the only body with the authorization to require an environmental impact statement). The IUB is comprised of three people appointed by Governor Branstad, and they will decide whether to issue a permit for the Bakken Oil Pipeline to be allowed to be built through Iowa. Like the KXL Pipeline, it will speed up a “Game Over” for the planet (to quote Continue reading →

Presentation by Ed Fallon

CLIMATE MARCH: AN ODYSSEY OF SURVIVAL PRESENTATION From March 1, 2014 through November 1, 2014, Ed Fallon helped lead a core group of 35 climate activists on a 3,000-mile journey from Los Angeles, CA to Washington, DC. Ed walked every step of the way and is now traveling the country to share the experience and help empower people to take climate action NOW! Ed’s presentation involves three parts: 1. Recounting the hardships, challenges and huge logistical obstacles of moving a large group of people on Continue reading →


[There’s been much controversy lately about whether all the work that went into the People’s Climate March was worth it, and whether or not we should be supporting it. These are great and necessary conversations and arguments. Thanks for all who participate. And PLEASE LET MORE VOICES JOIN IN THESE DEBATES. It is out of this that our intelligence, creativity, and courage will be forged and reinforced. Here’s my take on this: Toward the end of the Vietnam War (early 70’s) and toward the end Continue reading →

Beyond Extreme Energy

November 3-7 The March has ended, but many marchers have stayed in Washington, D.C. to take part in the Beyond Extreme Energy (BXE) week of action.   *Read below about the BXE events this week taken from their website.   November 3rd – 7th Each morning, Monday to Friday, we will nonviolently sit-in and block the two entrances to FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. On July 14th 25 people did this and were successful in disrupting business-as-usual at FERC for two hours until they were arrested. Continue reading →

Calm Before the Storm

[By Mark Creekwater Dorazio] The first time I did a long long-distance walk was during 1991, when I walked from Delaware to St. Louis, Missouri, and then several more days to Hannibal, Missouri, where Mark Twain grew up. On my way back from Hannibal to St. Louis, there was a fierce thunderstorm, one of the most amazing weather systems that I have ever experienced. It was during the afternoon and for more than an hour I could see a “squall-line” of dark, low, mean looking Continue reading →

Renewed Faith

[By: Debaura James, New Mexico] Since money became too tight to hire state coordinators from Ohio forward, I’ve been marching less and spending much of my day helping to coordinate accommodations, kitchens, folks to host meals for us. I have been surprised how tremendously I enjoy reaching out by phone to our very willing partners in Ohio, PA, and MD. It has renewed my faith in humanity to do this outreach. It has also helped me to understand how very hard our logistics coordinator, Sarah, Continue reading →