Renewed Faith

[By: Debaura James, New Mexico]
Since money became too tight to hire state coordinators from Ohio forward, I’ve been marching less and spending much of my day helping to coordinate accommodations, kitchens, folks to host meals for us. I have been surprised how tremendously I enjoy reaching out by phone to our very willing partners in Ohio, PA, and MD. It has renewed my faith in humanity to do this outreach. It has also helped me to understand how very hard our logistics coordinator, Sarah, works every day. I also want to make a huge shout-out to Bob Warner and Fr Bernard Surville who have been working tirelessly to land us places to stay and food donations. Jimmy Betts is also ever diligent in rounding things out by planning events. I probably left a few people out, so please forgive me for being old and forgetful. I realize that all these dedicated people have been making it possible for other marchers and me to enjoy the in-the-moment daily experience of marching across his beautiful but besieged planet. Thanks to all who work behind the scenes for making it possible for us to do this march.