City of Tucson Proclamation Declaring April 8 Climate Action Day

Jean-Michel Cousteau, Founder, Ocean Futures Society: In my lifetime, I have seen the massive changes, we as humans, have inflicted upon our natural world. We have now entered an era where ignorance to the consequences of our actions is no longer acceptable. Unlike any other species on the planet, we have the option to not disappear. But there is hope, and the solution is our unity, the power of our collective voices to march forward and call on our world leaders for real changes for our future. Most importantly, we must take action. We need to reduce our use of fossil fuels, demand that our government and industries support renewable energy and that we share the reality of climate change. The Great March for Climate Action is exactly what the world needs right now – a march for action on behalf of our future so we can continue to rely on a planet that can sustain us.

The Climate Reality Project. Mario E. Molina, Director, Climate Reality Leadership Corps writes: “Climate Reality is proud to support the Great March for Climate Action. Across the United States people are already paying the cost of carbon pollution in their communities. We encourage Climate Reality Leaders and concerned citizens across the country to step forward and support the Great March for Climate Action and add their voice to demand urgent action on climate change.”

Nuclear Free Campaign of the Sierra Club: “The Nuclear Free Campaign of the Sierra Club is excited and proud to endorse The Great March for Climate Action. We have the technology right now to live in a carbon free and nuclear free world. Focusing our climate change efforts on energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy will allow us to live in a clean and safe energy future.”

Mairead Maguire, 1976 Nobel Peace Prize Winner: “I offer support and endorsement for the Great March for Climate Action, to encourage both citizens and government officials to take action to protect the environment. When governments fail to do what is possible to protect the very livability of a territory, its ability to produce food and provide shelter, climate change becomes a human rights issue as well.”

Ed Begley, Jr.: “The most courageous and important journeys begin with taking that first step, together, in the right direction. The Great March for Climate Action is imperative for the future of this planet and all living beings on it, to not only stand up for the climate crisis we are in, but to step forward and march on. There are two possible responses to environmental issues: forget them, and hope that government and corporations will figure things out, or take action yourself. Take action, march.”

Bill McKibben: “350.org was born in a march of a thousand people across Vermont; it always does our hearts good to see others on the move!”

James Hansen:  “We must draw the public’s attention to both the dangers of climate disruption and the joy and satisfaction of preserving the remarkable life on our planet.”

U.S. Senator Mark Begich (Alaska): “Walking 3000 miles is no easy task, but if there is any one up to it, you are the one. Your care and interest in the issue of climate change is impressive. I know you will be one of the examples to bring attention to this generational issue. Without more people like you and the other walkers we may never bring the attention to this crisis so we can lead to action. It is an inspiration for me to do more in my own personal life and policy work I do as a US Senator to ensure we reverse this trend and manage the issue of climate change. It is not just about this generation, but the next which come after us.
I know there are people out there that don’t believe the science, but all they have to do is come to Alaska, ground “0”. As you know here you will see the impact beyond belief.
Keep up the good work and all of Alaska will be cheering for you.”

U.S. Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa): “We are already seeing increasing intensity and frequency of storms, droughts, and heat events caused by climate change, and that trend is just beginning. The Great March for Climate Action may be just what’s needed at this time to wake-up America to the urgency of climate change, and I commend Ed Fallon for getting the ball rolling. I wish the Climate March every success and hope it helps spur the Congress into action to address this critical challenge to the planet.”

U.S. Congressman Bruce Braley (D-Iowa)“It’s been said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I hope the Great March for Climate Action will represent a new beginning of efforts to address this critical problem, and I’m proud to support it. We have a long road ahead to solve the challenge before us, but if we take it on one step at a time, we can accomplish anything.”

Jim Hightower: “Like Coxey’s Army, the Suffragists’ parades, the Poor Peoples March, and Granny D’s solo walk across country – sometimes it takes foot power to get the attention of the aloof political powers in Washington. So get your feet moving an March 1st as part of the grassroots, coast-to-coast Great March for Climate Action.”

Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz: “As the people of the Philippines dig out and bury their dead from yet another catastrophic storm event, we have to do something big and we have to do it now. In 2013 alone, extreme storm events, accompanied by deadly flash floods, have struck each of the six rainable continents: from Boulder to Pakistan to Argentina to the Sudan. Under that onslaught, climate change deniers can barely hold up their umbrellas. With the mounting stalemates at the annual climate accords, we must take action locally. I want to see a million people walking together into Washington DC, demanding climate action, as the Great March for Climate Action reaches its destination.”

Physicians for Social Responsibility. Executive Director Catherine Thomasson, MD writes: “Climate change is a health issue, and good health means having adequate food, shelter, clean air and water. These are threatened by climate change and the continued burning of fossil fuels. We know this march will raise awareness about those issues in communities across the country!”

350.org. President and co-founder Bill McKibben writes: “350.org was born in a march of a thousand people across Vermont; it always does our hearts good to see others on the move!”

Natural Resources Defense Council. President Frances Beinecke writes: “We have an obligation to protect future generations from the dangers of the climate crisis. I’m excited to endorse the mission of the Great March for Climate Action, to raise awareness around climate change and to galvanize citizens and our elected leaders to act. To stop climate change we need to end our dependence on all fossil fuels and replace them with 100 percent clean energy as soon as possible. We are encouraged by the dedication of people willing to march three thousand miles to advance this goal.”

National Nurses United. Co-President Jean Ross writes: “Nurses see the immense health care consequences of the climate crisis, from the growing number of children and other patients sickened by air, water, and soil pollution to the escalating climate disasters that put people’s lives and health at risk. We are proud to support the Great March for Climate Action.”


ORGANIZATIONAL ENDORSEMENTS (latest appearing first)

Holy Spirit Catholic Community

Citizens Climate Lobby – Santa Fe. CCL Santa Fe applauds and supports this action by the Climate Marchers.  We recognize there is no alternative planet and hope that your steps across the country lead to steps by Congress to reduce carbon in our atmosphere.

Climate Crisis Solutions. President Tom Weis writes, “The Great March for Climate Action could not be coming at a more critical time in human history. I encourage everyone who is pro Earth to support these heroic change agents. We need all green patriots to rise up and peacefully demand real responses to the global climate crisis.”

The Committee of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Los Angeles Chapter

League of Women Voters Florida.“The League of Women Voters of Florida is proud to endorse the GREAT CLIMATE MARCH as it helps educate Americans on the importance of understanding and addressing the severe climate and weather changes that will mark the century to come.”

iMatter Youth Movement. Victoria Loorz, Executive Director Kids vs Global Warming, the iMatter Campaign writes: “We have envisioned a Great Climate March across the country since we organized our first iMatter Marches in 2011. The Climate March folks are undertaking a courageous and bold move to raise awareness and recruit the awakened to the most urgent crisis of history. Some of our young leaders will be joining the march and we wholeheartedly support the message, movement, and efforts of this campaign. This is our revolution, indeed.”

Climate Parents: “Climate Parents, a national organization mobilizing parents to advocate for clean energy and climate solutions, applauds and heartily endorses the Great Climate March. Climate change has arrived in full force, harming our kids and communities–and the impacts are being felt in many areas the marchers will visit. Each step taken by each marcher will send a clear message that we need strong national leadership coupled with strong grassroots action to move toward 100% clean, ‘kid-safe and climate-safe’ energy.”

ClimateMama. Executive Director Harriet Shugarman writes: “As Rachel Carson so eloquently told us in Silent Spring: ‘The road we have long been travelling is deceptively easy…but at it’s end lies disaster. The other fork of the road – the one less traveled by – offers our last, our only chance to reach a destination that assures the preservation of the earth.’ ClimateMama is thrilled to endorse The Great Climate March which promises to bring attention to the climate crisis by taking the road less travelled and along the way, building hope for a livable future for us and our children.

So Cal Climate Action 350

Burbank Green Alliance

United Teachers of Los Angeles

Pacific Green Party of Oregon. “Achieving a sustainable and economically just society have long been key goals of our state Green Party, our national Green Party, and Green Parties all around the world. At this stage in our evolution, it is vital that we takeimmediate action to have any chance of a Green future.”

The Compassionate Earth Walk.“”We already have the technology to feed, shelter, and clothe ourselves without fossil fuels or toxic chemicals. The balance – between well-being and destruction – will be decided by our level of consciousness. May the Climate March open the hearts and minds of the public and our elected leaders, that we may start taking care of all the children of the world, present and future.”

Citizens Climate Lobby – Boulder. “The issue of climate change has long been debated, but what is not debatable is our need as a country and world to change from our current ways. We need the help of every individual to make this happen. Raising awareness with The Great March for Climate Action is a crucial step in that direction and CCL-Boulder is in full support. We hope to see awareness of the Climate Crisis snowball as The March moves east and enter the forefront of every American’s mind and life.”

Physicians for Social Responsibility – Sacramento

Physicians for Social Responsibility – Arizona

Physicians for Social Responsibility – Iowa

Physicians for Social Responsibility – Florida

Physicians for Social Responsibility – Chicago

Physicians for Social Responsibility – Philadelphia

Physicians for Social Resposibility – Michigan

350 Seattle. “Fighting climate change can’t wait. We need everyone to be part of the solution, and the Climate March can inspire people with every step it takes across this beautiful country.”

Green Foundation Ireland. Nuala Ahern, Chair of Green Foundation Ireland writes: “At the Climate Gathering in the Burren, Co. Clare in February 2013, Green Foundation Ireland brought together people, including eminent scientists and experts, from the USA and across Europe to consider action on Climate Change. Those present agreed that the USA must give leadership on Climate Change and that American engagement was vital if we are to avoid a catastrophic rise in temperature. Green Foundation Ireland therefore wishes the luck of the Irish to the Great March for Climate Action.”

Citizens Climate Lobby – Phoenix. “CCL recognizes the need to increase public awareness about climate change issues. We believe the Great March for Climate Action is an outstanding example of the ways to bring attention to this critical topic and that it will cause many others to get involved.”

Citizens Climate Lobby – Rhode Island. “We aren’t on the way from LA to DC, but we are climate champion Senate Whitehouse’s constituents, and hopefully he will have introduced his carbon pollution legislation by the time you start on March 1. Thank you for your courage and commitment!”

Citizens Climate Lobby – Cincinnati

Citizens Climate Lobby – Santa Fe

Citizens Climate Lobby – Eugene. “We take this step because the goal of the march is to inspire people and governments to take more action of all kinds on climate change, so a successful march seems certain to result in more people joining our effort of lobbying for a carbon tax.”

350 Corvallis

350 Santa Barbara

Colorado Interfaith Power and Light

Citizens Climate Lobby Lawrence“Citizens Climate Lobby is grateful for the courage and bold leadership of The Great March for Climate Action and all its participating marchers. This march will bring much needed attention to the climate crisis and will also spread hope that it’s not too late to address this challenge if we take significant action now.”

350 Loudoun“350 Loudoun first united as a community planning actions of solidarity when marchers with the Walk for Our Grandchildren passed through the area. Marches have this kind of potential to build community, inspire people to action, and instill hope. Knowing this firsthand, we stand fully behind the Great March for Climate Action.”

Iowa United Nations Association.  Executive Director Yashar Vasef writes: “While the United Nations provides an integral vehicle and venue in tackling climate change globally, civic campaigns such as the Great March for Climate Action are the bloodline of the global movement for environmental responsibility.  As citizens of the world, we must unite in our call for mindful local and global environmental policy.  All 193 member states of the United Nations serve to benefit from a cleaner, more sustainable planet.” 

The Enviro Show“Two decades ago The World Scientists Warning to Humanity informed us that, ‘No more than one or a few decades remain before the chance to avert the threats we now confront will be lost and the prospects for humanity immeasurably diminished.’ Those two decades have passed. We absolutely must act NOW in whatever way we can. This is why The Enviro Show fully supports the Climate March.”

Center for the Working Poor. Co-founder Paul Engler writes: “We feel called to support the Great March for Climate Action because confronting climate change is not simply about preserving our environment. It is about facing life and death issues that affect the poor more than anyone.”

Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy.

Center for Biological Diversity. Jerry Karnas, Field Director and Population Campaign Director, writes: “When it comes to the survival of many, many species, these are perilous times. Big events like the Great March for Climate Action are crucial, especially because Americans understand that human activity is driving species toward extinction and making climate change worse.”

INDIVIDUAL ENDORSEMENTS (latest appearing first)

David Thoreson (has sailed through the Arctic’s Northwest Passage both directions): “I have been an eye-witness to the dramatic change in the Arctic’s ice conditions and our oceans around the planet. The Great March for Climate Action will give countless people of different geographical regions the opportunity to share in their own unique experiences surrounding the climate issue. By the time the March reaches Washington there will be an extremely powerful narrative available to the public and our politicians.”

Hans Herren, 1995 World Food Prize Winner: This is a landmark decision. The march will also raise the much needed attention for a transformation of agricultural practices to assure food and nutrition security to our children and the following generations, by making agriculture a big part of the solution to climate change. Its our duty to think ahead, the march is exactly in that line of thoughts.

Lee Camp: “You know what’s so magical about this march? Whether it changes everything or only has a small impact, if you’re a part of it, you will be talking about it the rest of your life. There aren’t many activities you can say that for. Even if we lose this battle, I want to say I went down swinging hard… er, I mean, marching hard.” 

Iowa Representative Chuck Isenhart (D-Dubuque): “When floods in the middle of summer disrupt our most patriotic holiday, I think we can agree that our future national security requires us to pro-actively respond to the climate events that have impacted Iowa as much as anywhere. The Climate March will bring together people with wide-ranging experiences and expertise to help us get started on this mission all across the country, where real change happens.”

Iowa Senator Rob Hogg (D-Cedar Rapids)“The fight against climate change – both reducing emissions and preparing for more climate disasters in the future – is urgent. It is the defining historical issue of our century. The Great March for Climate Action will help all of us tell Washington that now is the time for climate action.” (Rob Hogg is also the author of America’s Climate Century.)

Dr. Anthony Ingraffea

James Balog“Every human being has an inalienable right to a stable climate. The time to act is now, not tomorrow, when the storm crisis will have broken upon us and whatever action we take will be too little, too late.  We are all complicit in the problem and we can all be participants in the solution. The Great Climate March will give many a chance to raise awareness at a time when it is most needed.” (James Balog is the founder and director of Extreme Ice Survey, which is featured in the award-winning documentary, “Chasing Ice”)