Dear Friends,

This week, the March was endorsed by two of the nation’s most prominent organizations leading the battle to address climate change.On Monday, 350.org signed-on to support the March, and its President and Co-founder Bill McKibben wrote: “350.org was born in a march of a thousand people across Vermont; it always does our hearts good to see others on the move!” 

Today, Physicians for Social Responsibility endorsed us, with Executive Director Catherine Tomasson, MD writing: “Climate change is a health issue, and good health means having adequate food, shelter, clean air and water. These are threatened by climate change and the continued burning of fossil fuels. We know this march will raise awareness about those issues in communities across the country!” 

Step by step, we continue to lay the foundation for what will be an epic and influential campaign to wake-up America to the climate crisis. Thank you for your help!