Marchers at the Des Moines rally at the Iowa State Capitol building on August 11. Photo by: Faith Meckley


The marchers will enter Iowa on July 31, 2014, and will reach Davenport on August 24, 2014. Please click here to see the complete Iowa Schedule.


If you would like to help out or have questions, please contact someone from the Iowa Team here.



See map here.

Note: The functionality of Google Maps does not always allow us to render the exact route across the entire state. This map serves as an approximation of the route through Iowa. To find more details about day-to-day maps and information, click here.


Snail Mail

For information on sending snail mail to the marchers, click here.


Casserole Cookout

We had a 300 casserole challenge to feed the marchers in Iowa. *Thank you Iowa! We have enough food to keep the march fed throughout Iowa. We couldn’t do this without all your help!


Iowa Events flier download here to print.





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