Let’s Continue the Season of Giving


Let me open this post with a huge thank you. Last week was Giving Tuesday, and our lovely community of Climate March supporters, marchers, family and friends stepped up in a big way. We are inching our way towards $30,000 in donations on CrowdRise, and should reach that milestone today. There have been others who have come through with both monetary and in-kind donations (with special thanks to CantinaWest Solar Cookers, Joe Henry and Eco Commode). The support that we have received has been amazing, so thank you to everyone for all they have done.

If you are still looking to help, we have come up with something for those who like their gifts to be a little more tangible. We have added an equipment wish list to our website. This list is some of the essentials that the Climate March will need as we march across America, both as transport and as every day necessities. Maybe you have a set of silverware packed away in your cellar that you’d be willing to donate. Perhaps, you have a tent you never got around to using that you wouldn’t miss. Or you might have an old pickup truck that we could refurbish and convert for use on the Climate March. All of these things, and more, are needed.

If you have any of these items that you would be willing to donate, or know someone who might, please don’t hesitate to contact Ed Fallon. Thank you again for all you have done and continue to do for the Great March for Climate Action.