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Marching in Lincoln, NE

Group singing the sunset song in Colorado























Des Moines rally on August 11















[There’s been much controversy lately about whether all the work that went into the People’s Climate March was worth it, and whether or not we should be supporting it. These are great and necessary conversations and arguments. Thanks for all who participate. And PLEASE LET MORE VOICES JOIN IN THESE DEBATES. It is out of […]

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Renewed Faith

[By: Debaura James, New Mexico] Since money became too tight to hire state coordinators from Ohio forward, I’ve been marching less and spending much of my day helping to coordinate accommodations, kitchens, folks to host meals for us. I have been surprised how tremendously I enjoy reaching out by phone to our very willing partners […]

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2 Weeks and Counting

[By: Mary DeCamp] The Great March for Climate Action will be in Washington, DC in two weeks.  What will this last leg of the journey be like? When this cross-continental walk began on March 1, 2014, we didn’t quite know what to expect.  What a wild idea – get a group of heretofore unacquainted activists […]

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Western Pennsylvania

[By Kai Sanburn] We move into rolling hills through an impressionist’s fall with pointillist forests – burnished cooper, quivering gold, blushing reds and last-gasp greens. For days, we walked through Ohio’s mono-culture flatlands.. Soy, soy, corn. Corn, corn, soy..where late summer corn counted for what there was of elevation, just about as high as an […]

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Climate Warriors

[By: Miriam Kashia] One month left to go on this amazing and enormously difficult journey of despair and hope. Fun and exhaustion. Chaos and cooperation. We continue marching and planning and doing everything we must do to keep moving forward with this mission to protect our earth by demonstrating with our feet and our lives, […]

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Out of the Deepest Darkness

[By: Moshe Givental] The facts of Climate Change are hard to swallow, if it wasn’t for the community of Marchers who welcomed me in, who made me family, I don’t know if anything I “learned” this summer would have really stuck. It’s natural to turn away turn away from things that are scary, from facts […]

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