Marcher in the Home

Who to contact about hosting a Marcher:

Iowa: Sarah Spain,

This page is to answer questions for people who are hosting and/or considering hosting a marcher in their home.

What is Marcher in the Home?

Anita’s Response

Anita: Some people are wondering what happens on nights when we don’t camp. Well particularly in urban areas sometimes its hard to find a campsite so our organizers will organize a “marcher in the home” night. This is where local people will take one or more marchers home with them, give them a place to sleep, feed them supper and breakfast and pack a lunch for them. Its a really good opportunity for people to get to know marchers better and why they are marching and for us marchers to find out about local issues that concern people we are meeting.

Why should I host a marcher?

Not only is it an way to meet an incredible activist, it is a way of directly supporting the Great March for Climate Action.

Can I host more than 1 marcher?

Absolutely yes. In fact, this is encouraged. Marchers prefer beds and couches if possible, but are open to sleeping anywhere. Normally, they are happy to have a chance to shower and do laundry!

What about dietary preferences?

Some marchers have certain dietary preferences. This includes, but is not limited to: gluten free, dairy free, vegan etc. When you are assigned with a marcher, you and the marcher will discuss what their diet entails. The experience may have some people eating foods that they have not had before, and this is part of the fun.

What about pets?

A small amount of the marchers have pet allergies. When you volunteer to host a marcher, you will be asked what, if any, pets you have. You will then be assigned a marcher who is not allergic to your pets.

If any questions remain unanswered, please email Thank you.