Moments of Silence

Why is there always at least one marcher in silence?


Marchers have a moment of silence at the BNSF station in McCook, Nebraska for the 47 killed in the oil train explosion in Lac-Megantic, Quebec.

We marchers have decided to work together to make sure the voices of the unheard victims of climate change are represented throughout our journey.  From people, to plants, to animals, water, air, our very planet even, the rights to a happy, healthy and just future are in no way being met.  It is time that all grievances are heard, that the voiceless are acknowledged and those with a voice use it for good, to help those who need it most.  So, in solidarity, we have committed to keep one “silent” marcher the whole trek from LA to DC.  Each marcher has their own take on what it means to be silent, and why they have chosen to do so.  Here is a page to find out more about our experiences in silence.






Marchers Answer…

  • Please share what was your reasoning for going silent, how did you chose to express silence?
  • Can your share some of the reactions to your silence?  What were some typical reactions?  Or any less typical?
  • What were your expectations of what silence would be like and what was the reality?
  • Did you have any notable experiences in silence? (There are some pretty funny stories, some sad and some very touching moments we have experienced)
  • Anything else you would like to share about what you learned?
  • And finally, would you recommend silence to a friend?



Quotes from accidentally breaking the silence

“I really want to moon them, wanna moon them?”  – Sean

Silent marchers

Sean Glenn (109 consecutive days)                                                             Kathe Thompson (7 days)

Ben Bushwick (10 days)                                                                                Kelsey Erickson (21 days total)

Mackenzie McDonald Wilkins (28 days)                                                      John Abbe (1 day)

Luke Davis (4 days)                                                                                        Faith Meckley (15 days)

Andre Nunez                                                                                                   Lala Palazzolo (1 day)

Berenice Tompkins (7 days)                                                                          John Jorgenson

Mary DeCamp                                                                                                Rob Lister (3 days)