Shave the Planet – Bald Iowa

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July 16th – July 30th 

Climate Marchers will shave their heads in exchange for donations! We will track our donations over a 2 week period, and when we reach the milestones below (starting at $500), the Marcher pictured will shave his or her hair!
*Grant money and money donated to the Coalition Building Fund will not be counted. 

$500 – Ed Fallon – BALD!

The last time I was bald was the day I was born. I’ve been eager to reclaim that innocence and hair-fashion statement ever since. Shave the Planet may be my big chance.




$1,000 – Jane Kendall – BALD!

Less time shampooing and styling my lovely locks means more time helping our lovely planet.




$1,500 – Izzie Mogelgaard – BALD!

Not much to take off, but this will only be the second time I’ve shaved my head. 




$2,500 – Mary DeCamp – BALD!

I’ve never been happy with my hair style and after seeing my Occupy Tucson mugshots, I realized I need to switch to a no-muss, no-fuss cut that looks the same at 3 a.m. as it does at 3 p.m. Bald is an overlooked option in my life that might suit me well.


Mary and Birdie




$3,000 – Lee Stewart – BALD!

I can live without hair, but I can’t live without a healthy climate. 

BeforeLee Stewart



$5,000 – Zach Hough Solomon – BALD!

Off with my mangy mane! 




zach bald1

$10,000 – John Abbe – BALD!

I’ve worn my hair this long (actually, it used to grow longer) for most of my adult life, and have only had it cut two or three times in the last twenty years. In case walking across the continent wasn’t enough to convince you of how important the climate crisis is, I am now also willing to shave my head if we raise enough money. I will donate my hair to help soak up oil spills:

John Abbe




$15,000 Mack & Ben*

(*Will shave bodies, not heads)

Maybe this will help us walk faster.Ben and Mack

$20,000 – Birdie the dog



Mary and Birdie


$30,000 – Berenice Tompkins*

(*partial shave, the side of her head)
— My hair will be deviating from its march-long journey toward Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean for a more punk-rock look. The shaved part’s going to have LA-DC carved into it to signify our determination to overcome financial obstacles and get to Washington.  As climate change worsens, we’ll have to sacrifice far more than hair, so I’ll keep going downward to my eyebrows for a $500 bonus. My hair will be joining John’s in oil spill cleanup:


$40,000 – Kathe Thompson

Why let the men have all the fun? I’ve always wanted to see a bald 72-year-old woman! Why not me?


$50,000 – John Jorgensen 

Never shaved my head in my life! But the life of this march is worth it. 



$85,000 Jimmy Betts*

(*everything, body and head) I am 30.49 years old.  My hair has been growing, undisturbed in its natural environment, for the past 2.52 years.  Though often top-knotted in a dreaded mass of March residue, the development of a lush mane that can be cleaned and let down when the occasion arises has become a signature detail of who I am since finally becoming an adult earlier this year.  I’d sooner be without spectacles, showers, and food before shaving my head, face, and body.  I am willing to do anything for the healthy success of the Climate March — Hair today… Strong (and Shorn) Tomorrow! 




$100,000 – Lala PalazzoloIMG_66462908534512-1

I feel like Sampson, all my power is in my hair. All of my identity and femininity is encapsulated in it. For $100,000, you can make me powerless.

$150,000 – Faith Meckley

I haven’t had a haircut since 7th grade, and it’s my favorite physical feature about myself. I see my hair as a part of my identity, but if you are willing to show your dedication to keeping the March going and help us get to a whopping $150,000, then I am willing to part with it. If my hair is cut, it will be donated to Locks of Love.