Climate Reality’s “The People Vs. Carbon”


The Climate Reality Project is a highly influential organization started by former Vice President Al Gore to help in the fight against the climate crisis. They have used their extensive network and clout to push action both on a personal and political level. Their projects, such as “I Am Pro Snow” and “24 Hours of Climate Reality,” have brought to light many of the harmful effects of climate change.

Climate Reality Project also has trained several activists on how to properly present this information to people at workshops all over the world. Several members of our Climate March attended one such workshop, in fact. These workshops have been held all across the world, and are helping to generate a unified message makes it easier for everyone to understand the dangers we face.

Climate Reality Project’s latest call to action is simple yet critically important. The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed new limits on carbon pollution from coal-burning power plants. Power plants currently have limits on emissions of mercury, sulfur, arsenic, cyanide, soot and lead. But there are no federal limits on the carbon pollution hugely impacting our planet. Limits on carbon pollution from new power plants are an essential step toward slowing down the damage to our atmosphere.

We urge you to take a minute to visit Climate Reality’s “The People vs. Carbon” webpage and send a letter of support to the EPA for these new emissions standards. This site has set up a portal to send a message directly to the EPA where you can indicate your support for their guidelines and understanding of how important a step this is fighting global climate change. It will only take a few moments of your time, and the results could be huge.