Coalition Building Fund

imageThe Coalition Building Fund seeks to strengthen the Great March for Climate Action by bringing into the March the voices of people from the frontline communities of climate pollution who would otherwise not be able to afford the fundraising requirements. The committee overseeing the fund will reach out to organizations in such communities across the United States and invite them to send representatives to the March. These Climate Action Delegates will receive full scholarships for the amount of time they plan to spend on the March. Transportation costs to and from the March will also be considered. The number of delegates the fund can support and how long each delegate can stay with the March will be variable and worked out with local organizations before official sponsorship is made. Upon completion of the March and the return of all delegates to their home locations, any money left over in this fund will be donated to an environmental justice organization designated by the committee.

Please step up and help our marcher community realize its full potential as we make our way to DC! Donate using the button below. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated!

If you have questions about the Coalition Building Fund, feel free to contact Jerry Stewart via e-mail ( or cell (703)-999-2634.

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