Debaura James

scan0001Age: 63

Hometown: Silver City, New Mexico


I obviously love to hike and be outdoors, but also love to read good literature, love salsa music, love to laugh.

Why Deb wants to be adopted: 

I am a retired secondary school teacher, single-mom from rural New Mexico, and I would love to be adopted by you.  I’ve marched on and off since LA because I have so much hope that Americans are capable of a paradigm shift, and will be walking with my March family from Chicago to DC.


Adopt Deb for $100

Adopt Deb for $250

Adopt Deb for $500 – ADOPTED!

** Please note on your check or Paypal who you are adopting or send an email to ki(at)climatemarch(dot)org after you have adopted so we can note it here.