Equipment and Green Aspects

Current Equipment

We have received a large donation that will go toward a food truck. This truck will also take care of sanitation needs, as it will have the standard 3 compartment sinks, plus hand-washing sink (along with other kitchen amenities).

We will also be using our solar cookers, provided by Solar Cooker at CantinaWest, as often as possible.

The toilets will be supplied to us by Eco Commode. They are mobile, composting toilets built onto two trailers, each with multiple stalls (including an ADA approved stall). Eco Commode will assist in the composting of waste due to the Climate March’s mobility.

(Thanks to SunHarvest Solar and Electrical and Ann Hailey & John Dunsheath, UUCqc for their donations to make the Eco Commodes possible)

One trailer will be pulled by a pickup using only vegetable oil.

Please check out our Equipment Wish List for more items we are trying to obtain or if you have items you would like to donate.

Green Aspects of the March

We are implementing best practices of Leave No Trace along our trails as well as at our campsites. Our vehicles will ideally be powered with bio-diesel or straight vegetable oil in some cases. Solar energy will be used to power our auxiliary systems, such as A/C for vehicles, lights, refrigeration, etc. We will have a mobile wind unit on the March provided by Anemometry Specialists. We will be using composting portable toilets on the March. All of our materials will be sourced from responsible, earth-friendly companies. We will have recycling programs for worn out shoes, composting of food scraps, and systems to deal with our grey water. Much of our food will be coming from local providers, and the marchers will be eating a delicious, nutritious, low-impact diet.

Our state coordinators are working to find the campsites and take care of all the necessary permitting and other details.