IPCC Report Reaffirms Need for Action

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has issued its long awaited AR5 report with a consensus on upping its level of confidence to over 95% that climate change is a manmade issue. “That statistic is a huge reason why we are mobilizing to march next year,” said Dave Murphy, Communications Director for The Great March for Climate Action.

Ed Fallon, a talk show host and former Iowa lawmaker who founded and directs the March said, “Climate change is not the prevailing issue confronting our society, it is the prevailing crisis! This needs to become the defining issue of the century, and this report is a big push forward in that direction.”

Marchers from 25 states and two foreign countries are committed to participate. For eight months next year, marchers will walk from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. to spread the message that global climate change can no longer be ignored.

“The diversity of individuals who have signed-up to march is impressive,” reports Marcher Director, Zach Heffernen. “They range in age from 9 to 82 and originate from all across the continent. I receive applications daily, and expect more and more will apply as momentum builds.”

The March will start in Los Angeles on March 1, 2014, reach Phoenix in early April, Denver in early June, Omaha in late July, Chicago in early September, Pittsburgh in October and Washington D.C. on November 1. There will be rallies in many cities along the route and green technologies will be showcased and implemented. The primary goal of the March is to energize the public and elected leaders to make the changes needed to fix and address the climate crisis.