Maybe Pope Francis Will March

Dear Climate March Friends,

Thanks to all of you who have been helping get the word out about the Climate March. The national media is still warming up to us, but the March and our marchers have received some excellent coverage at the local level and online recently, including this much-appreciated mention by Ted Glick in Grist. Check out our website for other stories.

For those of you able to tune-in today online (12:30 p.m. central time), my talk show, The Fallon Forum, digs into a number of climate issues with attorney Channing Dutton. You are most welcome to call-in and add your voice to the discussion at (855) 244-0077. A podcast of the program will be available later today here. Here’s the line-up:

1. We analyze the new IPCC report on climate change.

2. Channing shares his barometer for determining which candidates for Congress have earned a climate patriot’s campaign contribution. You’ll be surprised at how few pass muster.

3. We also discuss the growing acidification of our oceans and what that means for the world’s food supply.

4. We assess the climate significance of this week’s storms and whacky weather: a typhoon in China, Tropical Storm Karen in the Gulf of Mexico, the blizzard in Wyoming and t-shirt weather in the upper Midwest.

5. Tying together climate change and the government shutdown, has anyone noticed that even as our National Parks are closed to the public they remain open to Big Oil?

6. And finally, Pope Francis is sounding more and more like a climate activist. Can we talk him into joining us on the March next year?

And a big shout-out to comedian Lee Camp, who endorsed the Climate March and plans to join us for part of next year’s trek. Here’s Lee’s statement:

“You know what’s so magical about this march? Whether it changes everything or only has a small impact, if you’re a part of it, you will be talking about it the rest of your life. There aren’t many activities you can say that for. Even if we lose this battle, I want to say I went down swinging hard… er, I mean, marching hard.”