Letters to President Obama

[By: Mary DeCamp]IMG_1742

The Great March for Climate Action writes a letter to President Obama each day.  We include information about where we are on our route between LA and DC, and address a topic or issue that is relevant to that place.  Often we will talk about what concerns the local people we encounter while we are walking raise with us.  

But how does a group of 40 or so people write a letter?  Ever been on a committee tasked with creating a written document?  Yeah, it would be nearly impossible to churn one out daily if, indeed, everyone was involved.  So, really, the correspondent’s duty falls to me.  I hand write the letters (I’m going gadget-free for the March, so no computer), get anyone who is interested to sign them, and ask Jane to photograph them before they get mailed.  

This system was working fine until a couple of weeks ago.  I fell behind as busy days and rainy evenings squeezed routines.  And now there are two weeks’ worth of letters that have piled up.  The poor staffer who is tasked with reading all the incoming correspondence must think that the Great March for Climate Action has given up or gotten side-tracked.  Hee hee hee – the thick packet coming to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW in Washington, DC will knock that notion right out of her (or his) head!