Marching with Mary and Birdie

[By: Mary DeCamp; Tucson, AZ]

As one of our newest distance Marchers, I want to share my delight with this movement.

I joined the Climate March in Glendale, AZ because that was the closest point to my home in Tucson.  My participation with the Occupy Tucson encampment went a long way in preparing me for this endeavor, and my name (Mary DeCamp) certainly fits both experiences – we camp, and then we merrily de-camp.

My little dog Birdie is along for the adventure.  At first, there was a lot of concern about the advisability of bringing a pooch.  Would she withstand the physical demands of walking 15 miles a day?  (doggie booties and a push stroller ease that worry.)  Would she bark and annoy the campers?  (yes, she has, but she’s getting  better as she learns the rules and routines.)  Would there be dog poop to deal with?  (invariably, since we all do poop, but I make sure to pick up and be responsible about disposal.)  Food?  (I brought along a stock and will supplement as needed.)  Aggression?  (none yet, she’s well-behaved and loving.)  She’s still on probation, but my fellow campers seem to see the benefits of having a camp dog.

Our food is healthy, wholesome, plentiful, and delicious.  The scenery is simply amazing.  The community members we interact with along the way are supportive, concerned, and appreciative.  The camaraderie grows daily among our small band, and laughter flows freely.  We learn from one another and we grow.  I am so very grateful for the freedom and the support from friends that allow me to participate in this incredible adventure.  I’m appreciative to my fellow Marchers for including Birdie.  She’s having a marvelous time, too!

I’ll miss my dear friends back in the Old Pueblo tomorrow as they gather at local Post Offices to hand out fliers on Tax Day.  Consider for a moment what we could have in the way of energy sustainability if we redirected military spending to support renewable resource energy generation and efforts to downsize our carbon footprint.  And after you wrap your head around that, wrap your hand around that phone and call your elected representatives to let them know your preferences.  Or write or email or urge others to do so.  Don’t leave it to future generations – step forward now and do a little bit to ensure a better future.