Music on the March

[By: Luke Davis]

One of the biggest blessings on this trip, in my opinion, is the large number of wonderful musicians that happen to be marching. Without this necessary group of creative, artistic people, I am convinced that this march would have a significantly smaller impact.

Music plays a fundamental role in any movement, and it plays the role of defining and giving identity to a movement which would otherwise appear as dull or ineffective. Music has so far been used on this march to raise spirits in camp, fundraise money, spread our message (especially among the schools that we speak at), and help emphasize our group unity. I am excited about upcoming events and promotions that are focused around music. This will present our message in a way that makes sense to supporters, deniers, and undecided people alike.

To me, music without an audience is only sound. Similarly, our message without an audience is simply words. Music is absolutely inclusive, and does not raise one group above the rest, or turn anyone away from its powerful message. In order to be most successful, we must base our message of a new and loving relationship with the earth around the structure that has already been created with music.

Our movement must be inclusive, loving, compassionate, thoughtful, powerful, understanding, and wise. This happens to be all the things that music is to me.