On Our Way

We are more grateful than we can express to So Cal Climate Action 350, our California State Coordinator Ki Coulson, and the over 600 people from dozens of organizations who organized and attended a truly inspiring rally, and then marched, sang, and chanted with us on March 1 through the streets of Wilmington, Los Angeles. After hundreds of people split off for the Climate Action Fair we were down to “only” 100 marchers, and as the days have passed we are now about 50, but we march with the strength of your numbers and will not stop for torrential rains, parching heat, or for anything until we get to Washington D.C., until we see action from both leaders and the people in the U.S. and around the world. We will not stop until we see enough action to give real hope for humanity – all of humanity – to survive and thrive for countless generations to come.

We are self-organizing a communications team which will throughout the year be posting much more frequently to this blog, and pointing you to individual marchers’ blogs, photo and Twitter feeds, podcasts, etc. Meanwhile, you can stay up-to-date with the march by following our Facebook group. If you keep scrolling down there you will see many photos and some videos from March 1, and the days since then as we have made our way through and out of Los Angeles. Watch out Phoenix! Our next big rally will be there on April 7 at 4pm, downtown. Contact Arizona State Coordinator Erica Cheshire with any suggested allies or activities for us for any of our time in the great Grand Canyon State (March 23 until about April 22 – Earth Day!). Also see this Facebook post on Arizona groups and people for us to connect us with.