Parabolic Solar Cookers?

Dear Friends,

Thanks to a fantastic staff team, a growing corps of volunteers and your efforts, we’ve made solid progress this past week toward organizing next year’s epic March to mobilize Americans to fight the climate crisis. Here’s the short list of benchmarks achieved:

– Outreach on social media is taking off. Over the past ten days, we’ve seen more than a 50% increase in Facebook “likes” and our website traffic has doubled. Thanks to all of you who have made this happen! And please keep the momentum going by “liking” our Facebook page (if you haven’t already) and inviting your friends to do so as well.

– The logistics of how to sustain and move the March community are coming into focus. We know this because Courtney mumbles incessantly about the nuances of composting toilets, bike trailers and parabolic solar cookers. Parabolic solar cookers? According to Courtney, “These are gizmos that concentrate the sun’s rays in a targeted manner to facilitate cooking in adverse conditions such as, say, a month of camping in the desert . . . or life on the moon.”

– Every day, we receive two or three new inquiries from people interested in marching.

– One volunteer – Jeff Czerwiec – spent half a day in our office compiling a list of 80 colleges to contact. Jeff also did a fantastic job reaching out to his social media contacts.

– With Zach’s fingers flying over the keyboard at speeds previously unrecorded among recent University of Iowa graduates, a record number of five Climate March blog posts are hitting cyberspace this week. Check out these two (and click “like” and “share”):

And that’s the short list!

Here’s our Ask of the Week: Invite three friends to “like” our Facebook Page. Click here for that. Thanks!