President’s Speech a Mixed Bag

In response to President Obama’s speech today on climate change, the Great March for Climate Action reports that while the President guided us towards future action, there is still a lot to do.

“This is a good start that we will build upon,” said Ed Fallon, Founder and Director of the Climate March. “As the President indicated, this job is for everyone – politicians and civil society. The President suggested we need to push our own communities and broaden the circles addressing the climate crisis, and that is precisely what the Great March for Climate Action is doing,” concluded Fallon.

“What the President said today was one small milestone towards a global climate victory,” reported Zach Heffernen, Director of Marchers.  “We still have miles to go, about 3000, for the Climate March.  Stopping now would be similar to attending one piano lesson, and skipping the rest.  I suspect that for those wanting to take the next step, there will be a greater urge to march next year.”

“Some claim that natural gas is a transition fuel,” said Fallon.  “The President doesn’t fully address the risks of frac-sand mining which is detrimental to agriculture and tourism in northeast Iowa and other parts of our country.  There are several facets to this climate puzzle, and this March will help put the rest together through education and advocacy,” Fallon concluded.

In conclusion, as Obama reported, we can take steps to address the climate crisis together as long as “we don’t fear the future, and instead we seize it.”  The Great March for Climate Action is stepping forward for our planet, our future.