Plan It for the Planet


The Great March for Climate Action continues to grow. This week, we officially passed 200 registered marchers, with nearly 30% of those registered committed to the entire trek. Hailing from 36 states and 6 countries, the marchers form an impressive and diverse community who will take to the highways and towns of the United States to spread the message that action on the climate crisis must be taken.

As we get closer to March 1, and as the number of marchers rises, the logistical challenges increase. To help take on that challenge, the Climate March is proud to formally announce two new members of our staff.

The first new hire is Jimmy Betts, the Climate March’s Education Director. He is responsible for organizing the March’s educational platforms and ideals. He is dedicated to natural medicine in integrated settings, martial arts, personal cultivation through life arts, and off-beat humor. He has been teaching human beings of all makes, models, and locales for over a decade and looks forward to facilitating the education and inspiration of many a Climate Marcher over the course of the year.


We have also hired our second state coordinator, Erica Cheshire of Phoenix, AZ. The bulk of Erica’s life has been spent on environmental causes. A recent college graduate with a degree in Environmental Science, Erica and her husband own a solar installation company, SunHarvest Solar and Electrical. Their home is also completely carbon neutral and was featured in a recent Sierra Club publication. In her free time, you can find Erica in her kitchen, cooking up homemade toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm, mouthwash, hairspray, etc. in order to live a toxic-free lifestyle.

In just their short time with the Climate March, these two hard-working people have made the planning of this unprecedented movement a little bit easier. With the marcher count rising and March 1 right around the corner, we will certainly need all the help we can get.