Spirits are Soaring

[By Peter Clay]

Rejoining the Great March for Climate Action in New York City for the People’s Climate March and Flood Wall Street was an incredible experience! My spirits are soaring on the possibilities that are opening for all of us. We can and we must do more than just form coalitions between all the separate movements for peace, environmental and economic justice and civil rights for all people. To combat corporate power, the dominant capitalist paradigm that sustains racism and profound economic inequities and which is driving climate disruption we must become one unified people’s movement that is inclusive and expansive in scope. We must articulate and affirm the shared values that guide our journey towards healing our own lives and healing the living earth itself. One earth, one future, one love encompassing all of life. That is the vision of the future which I glimpsed with all of you over these past few days. I look forward to rejoining my comrades on the Great March for Climate Action in mid-October in Pittsburgh and marching with you to Washington D.C.