Waking Up

[By Benjamin Bushwick]

There have been periods of my life where I have dreaded to wake up and get out of bed. This March has been a complete 180 from that. I wake up with the sunrise every morning, full of vigor, and with a breath of fresh air. Our wakeup call is a serenading volunteer who walks around improvising a song. My favorite March morning single has been “Get Your Lazy Ass out of Bed” by Ed Fallon on acoustic guitar.

We are guided through sacred Laguna trails and camped in the most enchanted garden of desert flowers and geological labyrinth. I wake up to a traveling village community I love, with a feat of collective coordination breakfast/lunch rotations which get us ready and going each morning.

Today was 21 miles through sacred Laguna trails guided by the local police force. This is truly the landscape of the heavens, however the sediments of thorns and burrs on the ground are ripping my walking shoes apart. One culture of thought may see lands like this and think towards how to extract the value in a marketable fashion. That is a mindset that as I walk, find wrong, unjust, and unthinkable.

Tonight we camp at the local casino with a presentation lined up from the Beehive Collective ( http://beehivecollective.org/en/)