300 Pie Challenge

We are working to mak300 piese sure the Climate Marchers have a place to sleep, people to meet along the way, and food to eat as they march across Nebraska.

We want to show the marchers some Nebraska hospitality, and what better way to do so than a home-cooked pie? Or…300 home-cooked pies?

We need donations of fruit pies, meat pies, veggie pies, and any other kind of pie you can think of to help feed the marchers as they march through Nebraska in July.

Join the 300 Pie Challenge here by signing up to make pies, and send the link to your friends and family if they are willing to help out as well!

Drop off the pies as the marchers come through your area. Check out our timeline for details on where and when they will be near you!

Thank you for your support!