Crossing into Colorado

(By Sean Glenn, written May 30th)

Today we crossed into Colorado!

We all woke up as dry as we could manage, it has been a damp couple of days.  Mack and I were cooking.  He has been in silence now for six days and we are having fun communicating.  We made oatmeal and put out veggies for lunch all with the wonderful help of our prep cooks.
Seeing as it is Friday though, neither Mack nor I ate any of this food prepared.  Fast Friday!!!

So food is done, we pack up camp.  We circle up.  The usual routine hear info on the route, any announcements, and then we all set out together!  Some patience was practiced and we made it out as a group.  We stuck together all the way to the boarder, a mile and a half I believe, where we preformed our boarder crossing rituals, mostly taking pictures but also some looking back at where we have come from, a loud recognition of the states we have walked.  And then a quick CO celebration.

So after all the pictures we decided to walk together as a group till lunch.  Today is a longer day and sometimes waiting on everyone individually can take too long for some folks.  I understand.  I was thinking at the break off I would rush to the finish line, get home as quick as I could to collapse for a little nap, a Fast Friday ritual.  But instead Mack and I ended up sweeping again.  We always seem to end up in that role whether we mean to or not. The sweeps are to watch and make sure that everyone gets into camp alright, they head up the rear.  So we swept into camp.  I chose a nice grassy spot near the fire to roll out my sleeping bag and pass out.  I awoke to the dinner bell, rolled over to enjoy another moment of freedom from food.  Ethan kindly checked in to make sure that I wasn’t missing dinner on accident, he’s always looking out for everyone, so kind!
We all do a really good job of looking out for one another.  If any help is ever needed you can surely find it on this March.
After dinner there was music to be played, and some celebrating to be done.  We are in our fourth state now.  Wow.