A Great Idea

[By Mary Pipher]

July 29th
Last weekend the climate march came to Lincoln. Four of the marchers (Liz, Jimmy, Kim and Lala) stayed with Jim and me. I showed my gratitude to them by cooking healthy meals and sharing good wine and chocolates. We had long conversations about community, activism, and the joys and trials of walking across America.

Friday night at the Zoo Bar, I made the fundraising pitch. Since it reflects how I feel about the marchers, I’ll include part of it in my post.

“These marchers walk for us and they walk for our grandchildren and the grandchildren of the frog, the crow and the bobcat.
They are the embodiment of the change that could create a sustainable and peaceful planet. They are taking care of us, let’s open our hearts and our pocketbooks and take care of them. Josh Miner said, ‘You are lucky if just once in your life you are associated with a great idea.’ The climate march is a great idea and, with our gifts, we can be a part of it.”

That night many people gave money so that we could help the marchers on their way. The next few days they are in Omaha. Perhaps you can visit them there.