Sharing Your Passion

[By Betty Sayers]

Anna Wishart, Nebraska leader for the Climate March, invited Holdrege to host the marchers for an overnight on July 9, and a day to meet, greet and rest. Thank you, Anna, and thank you Climate Marchers. I loved every minute of our time together. I know you rested fewer hours than you needed and hoped for because we arranged a picnic dinner at South Park, meet and greets at 4th Avenue Coffee House, Farmer’s Market, The Rotary Club and YMCA youth camp, and interviews with local and regional news venues. We invited the marchers to the City Auditorium to hear scientists in the region describe the High Plains aquifer, organic farming, water management and conservation. As I think about the 24 hour whirlwind, I realize we asked way too much of you.
Thank you for your brilliant and sometimes very funny stories. I liked the scope and depth of our conversations, and noted that each of you listen equally as well as you speak. Thank you for telling us more about climate change and ways to lessen our dependence on carbon. Thank you for sharing your passion for our planet, your life stories, music, art, and talent. Thank you Jimmy for teaching me a series of qigong movements that I practice daily, and I dedicate my practice to the Climate Marchers. I find myself remembering you throughout the day and sending courage and vitality for your mission. I thank each of you for giving every ounce of your energy and a year of your life in honor of our earth. I’m inspired to do my part.