Bob Cook


Depends on perspective; to a person older than 71 I am young, to a person very young I am ancient.


Born in Dexter, Iowa; lived in Des Moines, IA most of my adult life; Berlin, El Salvador claims a corner of my heart.

Why I want to be adopted:

I want to survive on this March.  When I am lost I know you will look for me.  When I get hungry and eat my lunch at mid-day, you will share yours with me.   When the sag wagon is too far ahead to pick me up when my body hurts, you will be behind me so I have a ride to camp.   Most of all you will encourage me so I can make it all the way to Washington, D.C.

Adopt Bob for $100

Adopt Bob for $250

Adopt Bob for $500

** Please note on your check or Paypal who you are adopting or send an email to ki(at)climatemarch(dot)org after you have adopted so we can note it here.