Jimmy Betts

10580136_10204331298581882_3303902879294420875_nAge: 30
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska; Des Moines, Iowa


traditional healing systems, cryptozoology, medical qigong, linguistics, fiddling and belting out tunes with the Climate Justice Gypsy Band, tai chi, root beer,

Why Jimmy wants to be adopted:

One of the purest acts of love is adoption.  Adopting new ways of experiencing the world that go beyond self-serving motives runs parallel to adopting a new member into a community, family, tribe, or march across the country.  I wish to inspire action just as much as I wish to take personal action.  Supporting me is a direct way to be connected with AND invested in our global effort to take concerted action on the climate crisis.


Adopt Jimmy for $100

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** Please note on your check or Paypal who you are adopting or send an email to ki(at)climatemarch(dot)org after you have adopted so we can note it here.