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Climate March Recruitment Center

*UPDATE: You no longer need to apply, but you can still join us.

Want to march in D.C.? Just join us anywhere along the route during the day!


Regardless of how we get past the current climate crisis people will ask:

What did you do when the world was warming?


Thank you for your interest in joining the Great March for Climate Action. Our roving community is looking for people just like you who are ready to take steps to inspire climate action. If you have experience with activism, that’s great. If not, here’s an opportunity to engage your inner-activist. We come from all different backgrounds (marchers have ranged in age from 3 to 83) with a number of sharable skills.

Bottom line is we need you! We need you to make our voice louder. We need you to make us more visible. We need you because time is running out on the climate crisis, and we have to make sure climate action is the thing our politicians, our communities, and our families are all talking about AND doing.

Along the way, whether you march for one day or all the way to Washington DC, you’ll have an opportunity to engage with people in small towns and large cities alike. You’ll be living simply and learning the skills needed in the type of communities we are working towards. It’s challenging at times, but in the end, the sacrifices made on the Climate March will lead to both personal and collective change.
We have received many questions from people about the Climate March. Here are our FAQs, and below is a bit more about two of the most common questions:

1)Financial Questions – No one is turned away for a lack of funds, but all marchers are given a suggested individual fundraising goal of $10/day and can aim for more – it used to be $20/day and some marchers have raised $40/day or more. Climate March expenses include food, water, EcoCommodes, transportation of gear, and staff(link to staff page) who support the marchers and the program of the March.

We understand that not everyone has the means to cover their own costs. Marchers doing individual fundraising can receive support from other marchers with fundraising experience, and through a website, Crowdrise, where we will set you up with an account. In the end we will work with you to make sure the fundraising goals are not the reason you cannot join the march. You can contact the Marcher Director at if you have questions about the $10/day fee.

2)Physical concerns – We do walk up to twenty miles a day (sometimes more). Some of the marchers have been marching from LA and are in great walking shape, but we know that as people join throughout the eight months they will be at different physical levels. We highly suggest that you train as best you can for the Climate March and consult with a doctor should you have any concerns.

Still have questions? More FAQs answered for you.


We do have support roles on the Climate March for those who may be unable to march the entire distance each day. Driving the support vehicles and setting up our camp each day are important to the functioning of the Climate March. Also, please know that we do have a sag wagon which we try to keep on the route each day to shuttle those that are unable to march the entire way, but wish to march part of the daily route.

So, are you ready to march? We have short term, segment and long term marchers. All and every marcher contributes no matter how long they are with us:

  • Short Term Marchers: On rally days in cities or in the rural part of the country we have people who join the Climate March for one to three days. People are busy, and we get that, so we’ve made it really easy to join us as a short term marcher. If you’re not a camper, just join us on the route for one day. We only ask that you let us know when you’re coming so we can plan accordingly. Short term marchers often provide a link to the locals in the area and help us outreach to the communities we walk through. \
  • Segment Marchers: Do you have a couple of weeks of vacation to burn? Or, maybe you would like to walk across your state. Whatever the case, we have marchers participating in the Climate March for however long they would like or are able to march. A few weeks is just long enough for some people, and it gives them ample time to experience life on the Climate March and contribute significantly to inspiring climate action.
  • Long Term Marchers: Meet us in DC.

Again, thanks for your interest in the Climate March and for the broader goal of inspiring climate action. Together, across this country and our planet, we can galvanize the public to take action on this most urgent crisis.

Please contact us at with any questions on the application or marching. And, before you join us consider working with the Climate March as a virtual marcher as well.