People’s Climate March

September 19 – 21

The People’s Climate March (PCM) is coming up very soon, September 21. Well over 100,000 people will be filling the streets of New York City, and the Great March for Climate Action will be among them with all of the energy and stories from the people we have met so far on our cross-country journey. The PCM is timed in part to bring the people’s voice to the UN Climate Summit happening on September 23. We are pausing our march in Montpelier, Ohio on September 19 and taking a bus to participate in the historic events in New York and will be returning on September 22 to continue our march on September 23.

If you’re not coming to New York City, there may be a solidarity march you can join near you.

There are a number of ways that you can connect with us while we are in New York City, and/or follow and support our participation even if you won’t be there. See the schedule below to meet up with us or just see what kinds of things we will be up to.

Fill out this form, especially if you will be in New York, or if you have ideas to share.

Keep checking:

If you can, please do help us out financially. We never budgeted for the bus and extra food expenses for NYC. Some of us have been able to cover the additional expense, others have not. The bus is costing about $6500 – about $120 per person. Food is expensive in New York City, coming to about $45 more than usual per person for the three days we will be in the city.

Join us in New York City (see the schedule below), or on our way back. We are likely to have space on the bus coming back from NYC to continue our march from the Indiana-Ohio border, if you are interested in this contact Jeffrey Czerwiec.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough space for you to stay with us, unless you have already been in touch with us and know that you have a spot. Most of us will be staying together, probably in Brooklyn but we are still pursuing some possibilities in Manhattan itself, where most events will take place.



Calendars with yet more events: and

Schedule of selected events

RED events are organized by us or will definitely have a significant contingent of marchers. Our 4pm event at M’Finda Kalunga Garden in Sara D. Roosevelt Park will probably be the best opportunity to just hang out with us.

September 18

Some of us leave the march early to do advance work in Pittsburgh and NYC.

September 19

6 pm – Climate Convergence registration

St. Peter’s Church – 619 Lexington Avenue

Registration will be open throughout the weekend starting at 6pm Friday at St. Peter’s, and during the day on Saturday at St Mark’s Church, St John’s University, and Empire State College.

4 – 6 pm – Climate Convergence – Anti-Oppression Training

Facilitated by representatives of the Ya-Ya Network

(Saturday registration will also be available 8:30a-6pm at Graffiti Church, St. Mark’s Church, and Empire State College)

NYC climate covergance7 pm – Climate Convergence – Opening Plenary

619 Lexington Ave – St. Peter’s Church

Oscar Olivera, Josua Mata, Erica Violet Lee, Immortal Technique, Anne Petermann, Nastaran Mohit

Register here





September 20 

7:30 am: GMCA arrives in NYC

Penn Station (near 34th St / 8th Ave)

GMCA-chartered bus arrives, and marchers take subway to where we are staying in Brooklyn. Mark Creekwater plans to meet us there.

8:30 am – noon (approximate): Steve Martin & friends & family march with him into NYC

NJ side of George Washington Bridge to Columbus Circle

Steve was with the GMCA from Los Angeles to Colorado, then picked up the pace on his own to make it to New York City on foot in time for the People’s Climate March. Call him if you are interested to meet up somewhere along the way – if we arrive on time it will be possible to at least get to Columbus Circle (where the PCM begins) in time to greet him there.

10:45 – 12: 15 pm: Mobilizing Families and Children for Climate Action

Children’s Magical Garden, 129 Stanton St

Marcher Dave Finnigan is offering a session on the Climate Change is Elementary program he offers at schools across the country. This is part of the Climate Convergence – you can see the entire schedule and register here.

2:15 – 3:45 pm: Organizing a Week of Resistance to Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

Room 359, Empire State College, 325 Hudson St

This is about our week of actions with the Beyond Extreme Energy coalition once we get to Washington, D.C. This is part of the Climate Convergence – you can see the entire schedule and register here.

4 pm: Great March for Climate Action Allies hub gathering

M’Finda Kalunga Garden (in Sara D. Roosevelt Park)

Chrystie St & Rivington St

A mostly informal gathering for marchers and virtual marchers (that means you!), at this community garden. This community garden is more than 30 years old, for more information, see:

5 – 6:15 pm: Climate Assembly (Climate Convergence)

El Jardin del Paraiso – East 5th Street between Aves. C & D

Register at

6:30 to 9:30 pm: A Global Climate Treaty: Why the United States Must Lead

2 West 64th St – New York Society for Ethical Culture

This event is sold out, but Jane Kendall has 10 tickets available for marchers. They may have us stand up and introduce us to the audience. Speakers include Mary Robinson (UN Special Envoy for Climate Change), Lester Brown, Bill McKibben, Ambassador Marlene Moses, Cecil Corbin-Mark, Donald Brown, Sean Sweeney, Annie Willis

7 pm: Climate Convergence – Closing Plenary

619 Lexington Ave – St. Peter’s Church (6:30pm doors open)

Naomi Klein, Jacqui Patterson, Desmond D’Sa, Olga Bautista (we met and worked with Olga in Chicago)

Register here


September 21 – People’s Climate March

FAQ for the People’s Climate March

9 – 11:30 am: Gather for the People’s Climate March with the Great March for Climate Action

Somewhere on 83rd/84th/85th/86th Streets, near Central Park West

See where other groups are gathering

11:30 am: People’s Climate March begins!

from Columbus Circle to 11th Ave

For the complete route, see

1:30 – 4:30 pm: Networking and mingling with others

11th Ave between 34th & 38th Streets

From whenever we get to the end until whenever we leave, we will be in the crowd with everyone else on 11th Ave, where the People’s Climate March has arranged for people to network and mingle. More details coming when they are available.

Interfaith Summit on Climate Change

details tba

6 pm: Religions for the Earth – A Multifaith Service

The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, Amsterdam Ave at 112th St

Register at


September 22


Flood Wall Street

9 am: Converge at Battery Park

9:30 am: Speakers including Climate Justice Alliance, Naomi Klein, Rebecca Solnit, and Chris Hedges

11 am: Non-violent Direct Action Training and March (there are several earlier opportunities to receive training, see )

12 pm: Flood Wall Street and Sit-in

1 – 3 pm: Women Leading Solutions on the Frontline’s of Climate Change

Church Center of the United Nations, 777 1st Avenue, E 44th St

Women speaking out against activities and policies that threaten the Earth, our communities, and the very future of life as we know it. Presentations will highlight the role of women worldwide as innovators and agents of change, and will provide a platform for strengthening the network of women who are at the forefront of the transition to a just and sustainable future. Speakers include Jody Williams, Crystal Lameman, Patricia Gualinga, Casey Camp-Horinek, Angelina Galiteva, Osprey Orielle Lake, and Sally Ranney. Organized by the Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN International). Immediately following this event there will be a Wall of Women demonstration in front of the Church Center of the United Nations.

More information and registration

Interfaith Summit on Climate Change

details tba

9 am – 5 pm: People’s Climate Justice Summit – Educational Workshops and Panels

New School Auditorium, 66 West 12th St

Interactive panels, workshops, and other activities.

Register at

7 pm: Great March for Climate Action bus departs for Montpelier, OH

Penn Station (near 34th St & 8th Ave)

Marchers board bus with luggage. Bus departs for Montpelier, OH


September 23

UN Climate Summit

9 am – 5 pm: People’s Climate Justice Summit – Educational Workshops and Panels

New School Auditorium, 66 West 12th St

Interactive panels, workshops, and other activities. A viewing hub will be available for watching the People’s Tribunal live from the UN Church Center.

Register at


2:15 – 3 pm: Rights of Nature and Systemic Change in Climate Solutions

Church Center of the United Nations, 777 1st Avenue, E 44th St

Panelists will provide an introduction to Rights of Nature/Rights of Mother Earth and discuss: past and upcoming International Rights of Nature Ethics Tribunals, Rights of Nature and the new economy and as a key alternative to market-mechanism “solutions”, and at a local level, what Rights of Nature can do to protect your community from fracking and other harms. Presenters include Pablo Solon, Gloria Ushigua, Tom Goldtooth, Linda Sheehan, Shannon Biggs, Casey Camp-Horinek, and Osprey Orielle Lake. Organized by the Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN International)

More information and registration:

A People’s Tribunal on the Climate Crisis (part of People’s Climate Justice Summit)

Church Center of the United Nations, 777 1st Avenue, E 44th St

Registration (only 200 spots):



Here are many Climate Marchers and Bold Nebraska members who are all planning to go the People’s Climate March. This picture was taken at the energy barn that Bold Nebraska built right on top of the proposed route of the Keystone XL pipeline.