[By: Ken Snyder]

Two months into our epic journey and it has been clear (from nearly day 1) that “humility” would be a dominant theme for me, as well as many others in our group.  From the micro-level, daily systems dynamics of our mobile community, to our macro-level stated mission of inspiring action to halt and reverse the progression and address the consequences of the climate crisis brings questions. Questions about our own personal values and our capacity to practice, apply, and realize them abound.

How patient are we with others and ourselves?  In a perceived crisis or emergency, to what degree do we attempt to respectfully awaken or alarm others to the realities of a situation?  How well do we balance our own needs for autonomy and freedom with those of the group or community?  How accurately does what we ask of our nation and the world, regarding the climate situation, reflect our own degree of success when asked to consider the needs of our own immediate family?  Have we done due diligence and carefully clarified our plan of action so that it takes into consideration the needs and interests of all involved?

As children of the Earth, do we give each other the same care and respect we profess to have toward our shared mother?  To what degree are we effective and successful in practicing our values and principles in all our endeavors?  How can we expect more from others than we are actually able to bring forth from within ourselves? Our actions may indeed lead us to a particular destiny, but the journey upon which we have embarked is no doubt a spiritual practice … along a road paved with humility.