Sean Glenn


Age: 22

Hometown:  Simsbury, CT


Being out in nature, yoga, delicious sustainable food, reading about beautiful people, places and things, saying hello to bugs and little creatures, planting sunflowers and smiling.

Why Sean wants to be adopted:

The Great March for Climate Action has brought me back to myself in the most beautiful of ways!  Before the march I was depressed and could not face myself or the planet.  Now I am blessed to be living outdoors with the most loving group of people I have ever run into.  The first three months of the march I spent in silence.  Thank you for allowing me to listen, and thank you all for listening back!  Much love to my fellow marchers who have so carefully taken over the silence, holding those unheard victims of climate change with us as we march to do some good!  In peace.

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** Please note on your check or Paypal who you are adopting or send an email to ki(at)climatemarch(dot)org after you have adopted so we can note it here.