Bernice Tompkins

adopt me 1Age: 18

Hometown: Hastings on Hudson, New York and Grinnell, Iowa


Collecting stories from people; nonviolent communication; animals; cooking Thanksgiving dinner; singing with the Climate Justice Gypsy Band; neurodiversity; creating a sense of connection to and empathy for strangers, those at the other side of the world and those close to us alike; gift economy; breaking down the idea of ownership; hangin’ with and learning from the wonderful climate marchers all day long!

Why Berenice wants to be adopted:

I’ve learned so much on the Climate March, but I haven’t yet written it all down. Having a penpal to share with would be a wonderful way to record my experiences and discuss them with someone who has the special perspective of being outside of the March, looking in. I’d love to hear your thoughts about strategy for the climate movement, and I’d love to come and visit you on my next cross-country march (Maybe back the other way; if you live in Arizona or New Mexico, I’ll be on your doorstep before Easter *:) happy).


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